Writers who have ADHD

I have always wonder if there were writers out there like myself. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is a most common disorder that co-exists with learning disabilities. There are writers who do have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and who’ve written non-ADHD Books. Here is the list of authors who have ADHD.

Alec Mustafayev

An Wallace 

Annie Laurie Cechini

Bryan L. Hutchinson

Caleb J Sessions

Candice Reed

Carmine Gallo 

Clarence Page, Winner of 2 Pulitzer Prizes

Cory Doctorow

Dan Largent

Dan also has an ADHD website, ADHD Dan

Dav Pilkey

Douglas A. Puryear

Dr. Edward Hallowell

Dr. Gabor Mate

Dr. John Ratey

Frank South

Greg Lemond

Howie Mandel 

James Carville

Jamie Oliver

Jen Malone

Katherine Ellison Pulitzer Prize Winner

Laurie Penney

Michael Phelps 

Miriam Dunn

Paul Orfelea

Richard Orange

Rick Riordan

Robert Scoble

Robin Black

Sheri Meshal

Seth Godin

Tami D. Cowden

Terry Bradshaw

Thom Hartmann

Ty Pennington

Victoria M. Sanchez

Zoe Kessler

By this post I hope you can check out the work of these writers. I hope this post can encourage others who do want to become a writer but thinks having this can stop them.


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