How I juggle my life as a mother and college student

Hello Everyone

Being a mother and a college student at the age of 32 has been difficult. I am currently finishing my second semester at my college. My daughter has a hybrid schedule, my son was recently diagnoised with autism and receiving early intervention.

Everyone asks, How do I do it? Here are three advice that I have experienced.

1. Use a planner

I love happy planners. It helps me schedule my time for school as well as working around my kids’ schedule for school, medical and of course family time.

2. Make sure you can do it.

I found myself at one point questioning if I can do it. Five classes, plus my kids’ classes. My best advice is make sure you have the time to do it. Don’t overwhelm yourself with things that you think you can handle. There is nothing wrong with taking a few steps back to move forward.

3. Have time for yourself.

You must think it’s impossible and that’s not true. We parents (single parents) need a time give for our minds to relax. Even if it’s a five minute break in between, the point of these breaks is to not feel burnt out. Listen to music, read a book, do something for you. Don’t forget about yourself in the process.

It is not easy

This isn’t the easiest that I’ve experienced. This is been a difficult journey. Do not give up. The reward at the end will make it worth it.

Always be kind,



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