5 Best YouTube channels for Writers

Writers like myself, we are always looking for ways to improve our craft. No matter how much experience or knowledge we may have, there is always more room to learn. Whether it’s learning new upcoming genres, digging deeper into troupes, knowing more on how to market your novel or making new ways to outline your manuscript.

Thankfully, YouTube has creative content to where you can get free resources in the comfort of your own home. As I always look for different ways to improve my writing or take some writing advice, there are YouTubers that I absolutely adore. Not only is the content good but it gives out helpful knowledge to improve or develop your writing skills.

5. Alexa Donne

If you are a new writer or thinking about becoming a writer, Alexa Donne is your go to gal. I absolutely love Alexa Donne. Not for her amazing but for her honesty. She shares so much information, especially advice for new writers. She has guest speakers on her channel and gives the honest truth when it comes to writing, editing and marketing your novel.

4. Writing Revolt by Jorden Makelle

Jordan Makelle’s channel Writing Revolt is a great channel to go to if you’re a freelance writer or a blogger. Not only does she give out courses on blogging and freelance writing but contributes helpful advice for free.

3. Writing with Jenna Moreci

With over 260K subscribers, Jenna Moreci captured the hearts of fans with her comic, witty style while giving great writing information. From 10 ten videos on the worse tips to how to videos, Jenna gives solid writing advice and how to improve your writing.

2. iWriterly by Meg LaTorre

Meg LaTorre is a former literary agent who shares information on writing and publsihing your novel. What makes Meg LaTorre’s channel different from others is her knowledge on the publishing industry. LaTorre gives concrete advice on querying literary agents to mechanics of editing your manuscript. LaTorre also has guest speakers who also give the ins and outs of the publishing industry. She also gives advice on not only just traditional publishing but indie publishing as well.

1. Novel Writing Advice by Ellen Brock

I absolutely love Ellen Brock’s Novel Writing Advice YouTube Channel. What I love about her channel is the advice she gives is comes from an editor stand point. She gives advice from freelance writing editor’s perspective. Her channel helps to understand what editors and publishers are looking for in a manuscript. Ellen has hosted three “Novel Boot Camp” video series that provide tons of info that walk authors through everything from writing chapter titles to staying motivated while you write your novel.


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